How Many Points Does Caitlin Clark Have

how many points does caitlin clark have
how many points does caitlin clark have

Iowa senior Caitlin Clark has been making waves in the world of women’s college basketball. On December 6, in a game against Iowa State, Clark became the 15th NCAA Division I women’s player, and the third Iowan, to surpass the 3,000-point mark[^1^]. Since then, she has continued to add to her impressive point total. On February 15, Clark broke the NCAA women’s basketball scoring record previously held by Kelsey Plum[^1^].

Caitlin Clark
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Breaking Records

Clark’s record-breaking moment came in the first quarter of the game against Michigan, where she made an iconic shot known as a “logo three”[^2^]. Not only did she break the scoring record, but Clark also had a career-high 49 points in that game[^2^]. It was truly a historic night for Caitlin Clark.

The 3,000-Point Club

Clark joins an elite group of Iowans who have scored over 3,000 points in their college careers. Lorri Bauman, who played for Drake between 1980 and 1984, scored 3,115 points, and Ashley Joens, who played for Iowa State between 2018 and 2023, scored 3,060 points[^1^]. These remarkable athletes paved the way for Clark’s own record-breaking performance.

NCAA Women’s Basketball Career Scoring Leaders

Here is a list of the top NCAA women’s basketball career scoring leaders, with Caitlin Clark now sitting at the top[^1^]:

  1. Caitlin Clark, Iowa — 3,569 points
  2. Kelsey Plum, Washington — 3,527 points
  3. Kelsey Mitchell, Ohio State — 3,402 points
  4. Jackie Stiles, Missouri State — 3,393 points
  5. Brittney Griner, Baylor — 3,283 points
  6. Dyaisha Fair, Buffalo/Syracuse — 3,213 points
  7. Patricia Hoskins, Mississippi Valley State — 3,122 points
  8. Lorri Bauman, Drake — 3,115 points
  9. Jerica Coley, FIU — 3,107 points
  10. Rachel Banham, Minnesota — 3,093 points


How many points has Caitlin Clark scored in total?

Caitlin Clark has scored an impressive 3,569 points in her college basketball career[^1^].

Who held the previous NCAA women’s basketball scoring record?

The previous NCAA women’s basketball scoring record was held by Kelsey Plum from Washington, who scored 3,527 points[^1^].

Are there any other Iowans in the 3,000-point club?

Yes, besides Caitlin Clark, Lorri Bauman and Ashley Joens are the two other Iowans who have scored over 3,000 points in their college careers[^1^].


Caitlin Clark’s achievement of surpassing the 3,000-point mark and breaking the NCAA women’s basketball scoring record is a testament to her incredible talent and hard work. Her success has solidified her place among the greatest players in women’s college basketball history. To stay updated on all the latest news and records in various domains, visit Top Q&A.

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