How Did Bob Marley’s Wife Die?

The life of Bob Marley, the iconic reggae legend, continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Among the lesser-known aspects of his life is the tragic fate of his wife. In this article, we explore the circumstances surrounding the death of Bob Marley’s wife, providing insight into this significant event in his life.

An Attempted Assassination

On December 3, 1976, just two days before the Smile Jamaica Concert, Bob Marley’s house in 56 Hope Road was invaded by seven armed men. During the attack, Bob Marley was shot in the chest and arm, his manager Don Taylor was shot in the legs and torso, and a band employee, Louis Griffiths, was shot in the torso. Perhaps most devastatingly, Bob Marley’s wife, Rita, was shot in the head while sitting in her car in the driveway.

Motivation Behind the Attack

The assassination attempt on Bob Marley was believed to have been politically motivated. At the time, Jamaica was undergoing a period of intense political tension, with rival factions competing for power. Bob Marley’s music and messages of unity and empowerment posed a threat to these factions, leading to attempts to silence him.

Rita Marley’s Survival

Though Rita Marley sustained a gunshot wound to the head, she miraculously survived the assassination attempt. However, the incident left a profound impact on her life and the lives of those close to her. It serves as a testament to her resilience and strength in the face of adversity.


The attempted assassination on Bob Marley and the shooting of his wife, Rita, remain significant events in the history of reggae music and the life of a cultural icon. The motivations behind the attack and the resilience of the Marley family in the aftermath serve as powerful reminders of the enduring impact of Bob Marley’s music and message.


Q: Where can I find more information about Bob Marley’s life and music?
A: For more information about Bob Marley, his life, and his music, visit Top Q&A for a comprehensive exploration of this global reggae icon.

Q: How did Bob Marley’s wife’s shooting affect his career?
A: The attempted assassination had a profound impact on Bob Marley’s life and career. While it did not deter his commitment to his music, it certainly heightened his awareness of the political climate and motivated him to be an even more vocal advocate for social change through his songs.

Q: What happened to the assailants who attacked Bob Marley and his wife?
A: The assailants responsible for the attack on Bob Marley and his wife were never apprehended or brought to justice. The exact identities and motivations behind the attack remain a subject of speculation and investigation.

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