Curry Vs Sabrina Who Won

curry vs sabrina who won
curry vs sabrina who won

Stephen Curry and Sabrina Ionescu recently faced off in an unprecedented 3-point shootout, and the question on everyone’s mind is: who won? In this exciting competition, Curry was determined to come out on top, scoring an impressive 29 points. However, Ionescu, known for her skill and tenacity, gave Curry a run for his money.

The Showdown

Ionescu, opting to shoot from the NBA line instead of the women’s 3-point line, leveled the playing field. With five racks of five balls placed at different points around the 3-point line, she got off to a hot start. Each rack consisted of four standard balls worth one point and one “money ball” worth two points. The fifth rack was customized by each competitor with only “money balls.”


Ionescu showcased her talents by making every shot from the first rack, finishing with 26 points. This tied her for the highest score of the night until Curry took center stage.

Curry’s Triumph

Curry, known for his clutch performances, thrived under pressure. Despite expressing his nerves before the contest, he delivered when it mattered most. With precise shooting and expert precision, Curry secured the victory with some crucial shots on his last rack.

The Battle of Records

It’s worth noting that Ionescu issued the challenge after her record-breaking performance last summer. During the WNBA All-Star Weekend, she scored a remarkable 37 points in the 3-point contest, surpassing Curry’s previous record of 31. Although Curry has won the NBA’s 3-point shooting competition twice in his career (2015, 2021), Ionescu still holds the all-time mark.

Damian Lillard’s Victory

In addition to the Curry vs. Ionescu matchup, Damian Lillard represented the Milwaukee Bucks in the 3-point contest and emerged as the champion with a final round score of 26 points. This same score was required for each finalist to advance from the first round. Lillard became the first back-to-back 3-point champion since Jason Kapono in 2007 and 2008, and the first Buck to win since Ray Allen in 2001.

The Future

As fans eagerly anticipate future competitions, they can potentially look forward to seeing Curry and Ionescu in action again. With Curry’s hometown of the Bay Area hosting the 2024 All-Star Game, it would be a natural fit to see him represent the Golden State Warriors.


  1. Who won the 3-point shootout between Curry and Ionescu?
    Stephen Curry emerged as the winner, scoring 29 points.

  2. What record did Ionescu set in the 3-point contest?
    Ionescu set a record for both leagues with a remarkable 37-point round, surpassing Curry’s previous record of 31.

  3. Who won the overall 3-point contest?
    Damian Lillard represented the Milwaukee Bucks and won the 3-point contest with a final round score of 26 points.


In the thrilling Curry vs. Ionescu 3-point shootout, Curry emerged victorious with his exceptional shooting skills. However, Ionescu proved to be a formidable competitor and showcased her talents throughout the event. With both players leaving a lasting impression, fans can look forward to future competitions and the excitement they bring to the world of basketball.

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curry vs sabrina who won

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